Ivan Muller

Software developer & DevOps

Skill Sets and Methodologies


I'm passionate about the new technologies for the web
My tendency is to get the best technologies for my team to get the best experience on development time.

My skill set can be bundled into:

Deployment and version control


I develop all apps with a few core concepts:

Design Patterns

Software design principles represent a set of guidelines that helps us to avoid having a bad design.


Many people claim to understand DRY but their code doesn't reflect it. DRY concepts are meant to take place at all levels of the Rails stack. Whether it's modular model design, proper helper usage, decorators and presenters, multi-app solutions, or even mailer simplicity DRY is always on my mind.


I write modular code based on behaviors making it more navigable, developer friendly, and intuitive.

The Kiss Principle

Any code should be easy to read and understand, keep it simple s...

Scalability and Maintainability

I support iterative development but I understand that thinking ahead and building in the appropriate infrastructure at the ground level will pay for itself over the following months.


I work with agile methodologies my best experience was with Scrum


The web is no longer made of pages and quirky utilities, it's made of people, opinions, personalities, and apps focused on the improvement of one's life. At the core of any product, respect and understanding of the customer's needs and desires is essential. It's my belief that developers need to fully understand their customers to build a quality product.

Know Your Customer

Everyone involved in the engineering of a product needs to know their customer. A product that scratches your own back is a huge plus.

Listen to the Customer

Customers can be annoying. They complain about things that most of us wouldn't even think of. It doesn't matter. If you build a product that breeds confusion, you need to change it.

Scrum with the Customer

Customers can be included on develop time, using the application on this time to help us on detect hot issues


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